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What Happens When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping

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  • 07-02-2022
What Happens When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping

What happens when you switch from smoking to vaping? We look at the health benefits of switching from smoking to vaping and why it is an option to consider.

Switching from Smoking to Vaping

Are you looking to quit smoking? At this point, everybody knows all the associated risks that come along with smoking, but did you also know all the things that happen to your body once you quit? If you didn't already, then you soon will. By quitting smoking, the huge amount of damage that was already done to your body and its organs can be undone. It isn't too late to stop and reverse the damage to your lungs and heart. 

The chair of the Tobacco Advisory Group for the Royal College of Physicians, Professor John Britton, states that:

"If all the smokers in Britain stopped smoking cigarettes and started smoking e-cigarettes, we would save 5 million deaths in people who are alive today."

What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Smoking?

What Happens 20 Minutes After You Stop Smoking? 

Your body's heart rate and blood pressure will fall to a steady healthier level.

 What Happens When You Switch From Smoking To Vaping?
What happens to your body when you quit smoking?

What Happens 2 Hours After You Stop Smoking?

At this stage, your body's circulation will begin to improve. You will also begin to experience some of the first effects that come along with nicotine withdrawal. 

If, at this point, you make the switch to vaping with a nicotine e-liquid, then you will not experience the withdrawal symptoms any longer.

What Happens 12 Hours After You Stop Smoking?

The carbon monoxide will begin to leave your body. Carbon monoxide is a highly dangerous and highly poisonous gas that is found in cigarette smoke. 

The gas will bind itself to your body's blood cells and will stop them from being able to bond with oxygen. This is one of the biggest reasons why most smokers experience some variety of cardiovascular issues.

12 Hours After You Stop Smoking?
24 Hours After You Stop Smoking?

What Happens 24 Hours After You Stop Smoking?

Your heart will begin to repair itself, recovering from the damage done by harmful cigarettes.

What Happens 48 hours After You Stop Smoking?

Your taste and smell will begin to improve as your nerve endings start to grow back. 

No longer will your senses of taste and smell be dulled.

48 Hours After You Stop Smoking
3 Days After You Stop Smoking

What Happens 3 Days After You Stop Smoking?

After three days without smoking, all traces of nicotine will be gone from your body and its systems. 

Withdrawal symptoms will be at their absolute peak at this stage if you are trying to quit cold turkey. 

If you are not going cold turkey, for example, vaping to help you quit, then you won't be experiencing the withdrawal symptoms. This will greatly decrease the craving for a cigarette.

What Happens 2 Weeks After you Stop Smoking?

Your lungs will start to gain back their full functionality. Not only that, but you will also start to notice positive improvements in your general physical health.

2 Weeks After You Stop Smoking?
1 Month After You Stop Smoking

What Happens 1 Month After You Stop Smoking?

Everyone's lungs are covered in a microscopic hair-like lining named cilia. This coating of cilia helps your lungs to get debris and microbes out of your body's airways. When you smoke regularly, the cilia get coated and clogged with tar. This means they can no longer provide their purpose.

With one month of no smoking, your cilia will be able to freely move and function as they were built to. They will be able to clear airways of dirt and mucus with no issues. This massively reduces the risk of infections within your body.

What Happens 3-9 Months After You Stop Smoking?

The functionality of your lungs will only improve further; there will be a noticeable improvement in wheezing and coughing.

3-9 Months After You Stop Smoking
12 Months After You Stop Smoking

What Happens 12 Months After You Stop Smoking?

After a year of no longer smoking, your risk of encountering heart disease will have reduced by half. 

The risk of you having a stroke will have also significantly decreased. 

This is the case even if you have switched to vaping in order to ease the withdrawal symptoms.

What Happens 10 Years After You Stop Smoking?

The risk of you developing lung disease will now be half of what it was when you were smoking, even if you have continued or switched to vaping. 

After ten whole years of not smoking, the risk of you developing heart disease will be about roughly the same as someone who has never smoked in their life.

10 Years After You Stop Smoking

Benefits when you switch from smoking to vaping?

Deciding to quit smoking is a massive and life-changing decision. It is an easy decision to make, but it is one that can potentially save your life. 

Many people quit smoking cold turkey, which is completely valid, but they later may struggle when it comes to the withdrawal symptoms. Out of every 100 people who attempt to quit smoking by going cold turkey, only about four will actually manage to do so for more than six months. For the majority of people, a little bit of help is needed to quit, and that is where vaping can help.

Research has shown that vaping is 60% more effective as a tool to stop smoking than other nicotine replacement products. Many people will fail the quitting process due to nicotine withdrawals, but vaping can help to reduce these cravings. 

The action of using a vape is also much closer to actually smoking a cigarette than other alternatives. This familiarity is helpful to many people.

Can I quit cold turkey?

Everyone can agree that the best thing to do for your health is to quit cold turkey. No e-cigarettes, no nicotine replacement therapy, no hypnotherapy, no medication, no patches. But this is much easier said than done. 

The majority of smokers who have attempted to quit will have tried the cold turkey method at some point. But, you will find that as an actual method for long term smoking cessation, it has an incredibly low rate of success. In fact, less than 5% of all cold turkey attempts are successful. 

Health Benefits

There are all varieties of health benefits to quitting smoking that you probably wouldn't even think about at first. Below are some examples.

Reduced Heart Risks 

Smoking is the world's leading cause when it comes to heart disease and heart attacks. Many of these heart risks can be reversed easily just through the process of quitting smoking. 

After quitting, your blood pressure will being to improve, and your heart rate will drop to a much healthier pace. Within the first 24 hours after quitting, your heart attack risk will decline massively.

Better Vision 

If you can believe it, smoking does considerable damage to your eyes. 

Stopping smoking will not only help to improve your overall vision but will also improve your eye's ability to see in the dark.

Clear Skin 

Quitting smoking is far more effective than any anti-ageing lotion. 

Quitting nicotine can help to clear up blemishes on your skin and protect your skin from wrinkling and premature ageing.  

Proper Healing

Quitting smoking will hugely improve the blood flow to wounds on your body. 

This blood flow will allow vital nutrients, oxygen, and miners to reach your wounds and heal them fully.

Thinner Blood 

One of the most awful side-effects of smoking is that your blood will become thick and sticky. 

This blood is not easy for your heart to push around your body, which can lead to all kinds of side effects with your heart tissue. 

Quitting smoking will ensure that your blood becomes thinner and is far less likely to form blood clots.  

Stop Lung Damage

Unfortunately, the scarring of your lungs is not reversible. 

This is exactly why it is highly important to quit smoking before you do permanent damage to your lungs. 

Even just within two weeks of quitting, you might find that it is easier to walk up a set of stairs because you will be less short of breath.

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