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Should I Vape To Quit Smoking

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  • 29-03-2021
Should I Vape To Quit Smoking

We often get asked 'Should I vape to quit smoking?' We Look At E-Cigarettes and how they can be used to help you stop smoking. We look at evidence gathered from various studies.

Do Vapes help you quit smoking? 

Many studies look at whether vapes help you stop smoking and how much it helps. The study showed that some evidence has been gathered, suggesting that vapes are rather effective at managing your nicotine cravings as they are rather addictive the more you use them. Some of these studies suggest that smokers are twice as likely to quit smoke when using a vape and talk to people instead of other nicotine replacement products. 

For the best results, when using the vape, ensure you are not smoking any cigarettes to give it the best chance. Having some advice or help is also useful if needed when trying to stop smoking. 

Is vaping less harmful than smoking?

When you are wondering whether vaping is less harmful than smoking, you need a lot more information. With some of the current knowledge on vaping vs smoking, vaping does seem to have fewer side effects and issues connected to it than general smoking with cigarettes and others. 

Something that needs to be kept in mind is that some people who relapse begin to use cigarettes and vapes simultaneously. Although vaping may not be as bad as smoking, this will still seriously affect their health. 

Also, because people believe that vaping is less harmful than smoking, they think it is safe and allows them to use them. Ensuring that anyone who uses vapers is aware of the risk of using the vape liquid is important and should not overuse it as a habit as this can cause harm to their body. 

How safe are e-cigarettes?

Ensuring that the e-cigarettes are safe is essential; however, they are not entirely without any risks. A small fraction of risks involved with vapes or e-cigarettes, such as the smoke vapour from the e-cigarettes, can be very harmful to you. Many chemicals are found in cigarette smoke that can also come out of e-cigarettes, but the levels are much lower than regular cigarettes.

One thing to note is that the e-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide than standard tobacco cigarettes. These two products are some of the most dangerous which are created from smoking. 

What types of an e-cigarette are there?

There are many types and accessories for e-cigarettes. Including:


The pen-style e-cigarette has become more popular in recent years. Due to its slim size, this makes it easy to carry in pockets. You can also customise your pen-style vape with different colours depending on where you buy them from. 


Disposable e-cigarette is somewhat used these days as they are simple and easy to use. Once they have been bought, you can use them as the liquid and battery are usually included. Once it has stopped working, you can throw them away and use a new one. 

Rechargeable kits

The rechargeable kits are good for the vapes to ensure that they can last a long time. Having a regulated vape pen is important to keep it going as long as possible and ensuring that the pen does not overheat or explode. 

Variable voltage

The variable voltage mod allows the user to adjust the voltage which the vape pen uses. This means that they can increase the amount of vapour created while increasing the amount of kick or the strength of the smoke they get. 

Refillable tanks

The refillable tanks are capsules attached to the vape stick and are refilled using vape liquid that you can buy from many stores. The refillable tanks can last a decent time depending on how much they are used as the chemicals will eventually damage the tank over time. Getting vape liquid from manufacturers trusted to fill the tanks with is essential as some liquid might contain chemicals or the wrong doses without realising it. 

Pre-filled capsules

Pre-filled liquid capsules are used as also used for vapes so that the user does not need to spend time refilling them that often. They are also rather easy to use and can be rather handy if you want to change the liquid fast. 

Box Mods and mini-mods

The box mod is a device that contains an internal battery supply or has space for an external battery. The box mod has two types, regulated and unregulated. The regulated method is a device that contains a circuit board so that the power output is controlled. Therefore, the unregulated device does not contain a circuit board and can't control the power output. 

Because the regulated vape mod has a regulator for the current going through it, this also keeps the battery in better condition and provides an error message if the coil within the battery is too damaged to work. 

A mini-mod is a more compact version of a vape stick and is sometimes used over the normal pen-style vape, but this depends on your preferences. 

Smoking vs Vape e-liquid Stats 

Many comparisons can be made between and smoking and electronic cigarettes.


Whenever you begin to smoke the vape liquid, around four ingredients could be classed to bring any harm to you over time.


The cigarette has thousands of particles that can cause many issues with you and the people inhaling it around you when smoking.


Vape liquid substances do not produce any tar or carbon monoxide, which can cause these types of health hazards. Tobacco cigarettes have also been linked with creating cancer or adding to the damage it creates.


Regular tobacco cigarettes create tar and carbon monoxide when you smoke them. The tar will attach to your lungs, creating lasting health issues in your lungs while also destroying some arteries and putting stress on your heart.

It has been suggested that vaping can be around 95% safer than cigarettes. This is one reason why some people are quitting smoking recently and started using vape sticks instead.

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