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Is Vaping Better for Health than Smoking

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  • 02-02-2022
Is Vaping Better for Health than Smoking

If you are a smoker, you may be asking: is vaping better for health than smoking? We look at the benefits of vaping over smoking and how vaping may help you quit altogether.

Vaping Is Less Harmful Than Smoking

As 7 in 10 smokers want to quit smoking in 2022, there is a rising interest in electronic cigarettes. If you're wondering if vaping is better than smoking, this article will share information about e-cigarette use and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRP) options for those that want to stop smoking traditional cigarettes.

Conventional cigarette smoking poses many human health risks due to the harmful chemicals inside. Nicotine addiction is expensive and dangerous, along with the tar and carbon monoxide inside the cigarette. A safe alternative that has risen over the last few years is the electronic cigarette or vape.   

Becoming popular in the UK in 2005, electronic cigarettes (shortened to E-Cigarettes) work by heating nicotine, flavourings and other chemicals to create e-cigarette aerosol that users inhale.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, with harmful chemicals that damage nearly every organ and cause lung cancer heart disease and attack your immune system, the toxic chemical levels are significantly lower in e-cigs.

Tobacco smoke and traditional cigarettes can also cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), which is where the lungs and airways become inflamed and damaged due to prolonged exposure to cigarette smoke.

Is Vaping Better for Health than Smoking? colourful-vape

There is an increased risk with conventional cigarettes, and vaping is becoming a healthier alternative among people that want to quit smoking but need the regularity of a slight nicotine boost.

The flavours are more customisable with e-cigarettes, with less harmful by-products in the air.  All of this isn't to say that e-cigarette use and e-liquids do not have long term health effects and risks.

Several lung injuries and deaths have been caused by vaping and smoking e-cigarettes, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) providing evidence that they are not as safe as we believe.

However, when compared to other tobacco products, the short term effects and helping with nicotine addiction and prevention is much better. 


How do e-cigarettes work?

E-cigarettes allow the user to inhale nicotine through vapour and not smoke, discarding the harmful tar, carbon monoxide and burnt tobacco that cause health problems in smokers. The combination of nicotine, propylene glycol, and glycerine with the desired flavouring creates a vapour by-product.

Typically, e-liquid will be stored and topped up in the cartridge, with the user inhaling the aerosol through the mouthpiece.

While they can have different names, ranging from e-cigs, vapes, vape pens, tank systems or even mods, they are all part of the same family.

Depending on your style, the devices can come in different sizes and designs, but with subtlety in mind.

Second hand smoke is one of the main reasons smokers shift from conventional cigarettes to e-cigs, as they do not give off any harmful smoke.

Non-smokers are at risk from the tar and carbon monoxide released into the air from cigarette smoking. 


Some smokers prefer e-cigarettes that look like traditional cigarettes, while others want something compact and completely different.

Vape pens are one of the more common options, equipped with rechargeable batteries, replaceable coils and can store e-liquid for the day.

Cigalikes are what vapers will buy when they want something that looks similar to tobacco cigarettes, and these can be disposable at times. 

For those that want their vaping experience more tailored to their needs, they will branch out to mods.

With mods, you can get longer-lasting batteries, refillable tanks, temperature control, variable wattage and more.

Such features are rising in popularity and help improve the personal preference and feel of the vape. 


Can e-cigarettes help me stop smoking?

While COVID-19 will have impacted the number of users that started smoking, including children and young people, there were lower levels of smokers using Nicotine Replacement Therapies to stop smoking prior. These therapies predominantly consist of nicotine patches and gum, but a prescribed medicine, varenicline, has also been used. It has been discovered that using e-cigarettes has become a more popular and effective smoking alternative when wanting to quit. 

While e-cigarettes do contain levels of nicotine, which can prove highly addictive, the levels are significantly lower. When someone attempts to quit smoking, the craving for nicotine can intensify, manifesting itself differently in different smokers. In recent years, reports have determined that the compounds within an e-cigarette can act as a nicotine replacement and help with quitting.

Smoking cessation, the act of supporting smokers to quit, can have differing advice and medicines. While research suggests vaping can benefit many smokers, they are typically not the first port of call.


Health care professionals will advise that licensed medicine is used first to help with nicotine addictions, and then other smoking cessation tools can be used.

These tools and vaping devices are offered on top of behavioural support, focusing on vulnerable groups such as pregnant women, mothers of young children and young people under 18.

Nearly half of the 3.2 million e-cigarette smokers in the UK have stopped smoking entirely, as more future studies are coming out on the effects of electronic cigarettes for people trying to quit.  

How to choose the right e-cigarette 

Finding the right e-cigarette is different for every person, and there are many factors to consider. A heavier smoker will require a different vape to a light smoker, and you can customise the strength depending on your cost variables.

Before you agree to purchasing a particular model, ask yourself the following questions:

How often do I smoke?

How much do I want to spend?

How many batteries will I need?

Do I need accessories for my car or additional mods?

Do I smoke during the day, in public areas or just at home?


Someone looking for their first e-cigarette can buy starter kits to get a feel for the vaping industry. Instructions will come with the item so users understand the proper usage and safety measures.

Cigalikes are ideal for smokers who have recently quit smoking and prefer a conventional cigarette's feel and look. These types of e-cigarettes are popular as they are more subtle and don't produce large clouds of vapour.

Most commonly, e-cigarette smokers will use a classic vape in the pen style, as they can last a long time between charges and the flavour options are much less limiting. A button is typically featured on the side of the vape device, giving the user freedom to inhale and travel with it freely.

The higher you increase your dose, the more dangers are present, so you should try to decrease this as you go along. 


Which type is healthier for me?

The question of is vaping better than smoking litters the internet, with some saying quitting smoking was impossible without e-cigs.

Both regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes have nicotine inside, but vaping liquids have significantly less within.

The acute effects of the use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products are nothing compared to the health conditions caused by cigarette vapour.

Adverse effects can be caused by either smoking, tobacco use or vaping. Still, cigarette users and e-cigarette users have noticed an improvement in their blood pressure, body, breathing and more. 

E-cigarette vapour doesn't contain the cancer-causing chemicals and other dangerous substances that traditional cigarettes do. Many healthy adults switch to e-cigarettes and successfully dodge lung injury, long term effects, and other forms of respiratory disease.

All of this is only for people who buy from verified sellers and don't modify devices on the black market, as this can lead to complications. The CDC recommends that people stay away from vitamin E acetate, as it can cause lung disease and be a concern for public health when inhaled.

Adults should be wary of all electronic nicotine delivery systems, whether called vaping or not, as they could contain cancer-causing substances and these dangerous chemicals.

Many people spread myths online that we do not know what makes up the e-cigarette vapours and question the existence of volatile organic compounds within the material.

There is even more nicotine in conventional cigarettes, but this isn't the core harmful ingredient.

Tobacco, tar and carbon monoxide are deadlier for the human body when smoked, and e-cigarette aerosol has none of those within.

When you burn tobacco, you are putting yourself at risk from these other harmful ingredients, and there is now a new generation who realise what these can lead to when exposed for too long.

In short, switching to e-cigarettes will positively affect your health and lifestyle and will quickly become a great alternative to smoking. 


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