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How to Choose your Vape Starter Kit

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  • 05-05-2021
How to Choose your Vape Starter Kit

We look at what you need to know about how to choose your vaping starter kit. If you are considering using e-cigarettes for the first time, this article offers tips and advice for how to start.

The Most Basic Kit:

Just because it says Basic, these starter kits are far from that. They are a fantastic standalone introduction kit if you are new to vaping. Many people also purchase these basic kits to replace core parts or pieces of the kit they already have. These kits can be used for extra accessories they either want or require. A basic starter kit can be bought for as little as £9.99, so they are inexpensive.

Depending on which starter kit you decide to purchase and how much your budget is will denote what the starter kit includes. However, the basic kit should consist of an e-cigarette battery, most likely a standard 650 mAh power one, a USB charging lead, and a clearomizer(usually a CE4 clearomizer).

The device that holds the liquid is called the clearomizer. The liquid known as e juice or e-liquid is bought separately. 

If you are experimenting or are a first time user of vaping and are unsure which is the best e-cigarette you want, the basic kits available are an excellent starting point. 

How To Choose Your Vaping Starter Kit - Manchester

The Kit for Professionals or More Advanced Vaper:

These kits include everything a basic kit has but comes with added extras and accessories. The professional kit is designed for an established vaper/e-smoker.

The kit usually contains extra replacement atomiser heads, coils and batteries, and either a wall charger or in-car charger. 

With so many extras included, the cost of the professional kit will increase. 

Advanced starter kits often include a more sophisticated clearomizer, like a dual coil clearomizer and an advanced battery with a variable voltage. These batteries have a variable wattage capacity and more power, such as 2200mAh.

As more sophisticated and new devices are released regularly, advanced vapers have far more on offer to cater for an ever-increasing e-cigarette market.

Kits for Couples:

If two of you have decided to move from smoking tobacco to transitioning to a far cleaner vape experience together. A combination kit sometimes referred to as a dual kit, has two pieces of each component, making it ideal for two people.

The dual packs are basic kits in most cases but do include everything you need to get started. Quite a few of these dual packs come with some extra components, for example, additional clearomizers and other accessories. 

Because there are so many different kits on the market, you must do some research and decide on the type of kit you would like to purchase. It is a good idea to take into account your smoking habits and whether you want a very basic vaping kit or one that gives you plenty of extras and accessories, in other words, the Bells and Whistles range.


Drip tip:  This is the part of the e-cigarette you inhale from. It is similar to a chimney and enables the vapour to transfer from the coil element to your lungs. 

Coil: The coil element of your e-cigarette is made up of wire and cotton. A coil is there to absorb the e-liquid from inside the tank. The coil will heat up and turn the liquid into a vapour as soon as you press the e-cigarettes button and inhale. The vape coils are available in variable resistances depending on the type of vape you have purchased.

People new to vaping tend to go for a coil of 1 ohm or bigger; these tend to be standard. A more experienced vaper will usually choose a sub ohm; in this case, the coil is less than 1 ohm.

Tank: This casing is made from either glass or plastic and surrounds the coil of your e-cigarette. It sits between the drip tip and the battery. The vape tank is the element of the e-cigarette that holds your chosen e-liquid so that it will feed into the coil. 

The battery: It is this part of the e-cigarette that heats the coil in order for it to be activated. 


Types of VAPE KITS

Cig-a-likes: These are lightweight, discrete and will mimic the style and design of smoking. This variety of e-cigarette is disposable, so they have some limitations; for example, they only hold a limited amount of vape liquid. It is not possible to refill them, and they also have a limited amount of battery life. They are good if you are just starting out with an e-cigarette, but they can cost more money over time if used regularly.

Pod kits:  This e-cigarette is another lightweight option because of its size; it will easily fit into your pocket and feel similar when you are holding it and vaping. 

A Pod Mod will also replicate the feeling of smoking. They are also an option if you want a higher nicotine level. They do have the added opportunity of a replaceable pod, and in some cases, they are refillable. They can be slightly more cost-effective than a cig-a-like.

Vape pens: This style is one of the most popular choices of e-cigarettes for somebody new to vaping. Compared to a vape pod, the battery life is greatly improved. A vape pen is usually charged through a USB port. A vape pen battery life can last anything from few hours to a full day of usage; this does depend on the number of uses it has. The more you use it, the less battery life it will have. 

A pen-style vape kit is very easy to use, and you can refill the tank with more e-liquid, which means you spend less money on refill pods. 

Box mod kits: These types of kits are more often used by experienced vapers. They have different features and functions compared to other e-cigarettes. For example, you have the option to adjust the wattage, ventilation and temperature, which offers a customised experience when vaping. A box mod kit has a much more significant battery capacity. They are heavier and more prominent in size, and if desired, you can change to different tanks.

 Like vape pens, they're also refillable. An external battery will power advanced sub-ohm box kits, usually a 18650 li-on battery, as these can easily cope with the increased power.


When it comes to deciding which e-cigarette is best, it comes down to personal choice and usually three things: how you prefer to vape, what nicotine strength you require and the PG: VG ratio of your e-liquid.

The strength of nicotine in your e-liquid is essential, most importantly if you are switching from traditional cigarettes to vaping. The amount of nicotine you get from a cigarette is a higher level than you would get from vaping. This is due to the way your body reacts to smoke compared to how it responds to the vapour of an e-cigarette.

There are different nicotine strengths in e-liquids, and in some cases, it can be a bit of trial and error to get the right strength that suits everyone's individual needs.


For example:

If you smoke over a pack of traditional cigarettes in a day, then it is usually recommended that you begin on a nicotine level of approximately 18-24mg.

If you smoke a pack of cigarettes or less in a day, we would suggest that you go for a middle-range nicotine level of 12mg.

If you are a relatively light smoker, so perhaps just a few per day, a nicotine strength of 6mg would probably suit your requirements.

Finally, we come to social smokers; we would recommend a nicotine level of 3mg. 

If you find that level is too strong, you can always try an e-liquid with a 0mg strength and use it to dilute your liquid to a lower strength if you only require a minimal amount of nicotine.

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