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What Is The Difference Between E-cigarettes And Vaping

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  • 25-04-2022
What Is The Difference Between E-cigarettes And Vaping

What is the difference between e-cigarettes and vaping? We look at how you can use e-cigarettes or vaping as an alternative to smoking.

As more people quit smoking each year, the e-cigarette (electronic cigarette) market increases. With more tobacco products and e-cigarette products becoming available, what is the best one to choose? If you're unsure of the difference between vapes and e-cigarettes, keep reading this article as we delve into the two.

What are e-cigarettes?

Electronic cigarettes (typically referred to as e-cigs or e-cigarettes) are a popular method of smoking, commonly used among those that wish to stop smoking or cut back. 

Ultimately, an e-cig is a battery-powered device that emits vapours to be inhaled by the user into the lungs. 

They are designed to replicate the look and feel of traditional cigarettes, with the battery attached to a heating element called an atomiser. A cartridge holds the nicotine and works on nicotine delivery and any liquids and flavourings. 

It should be noted that the e-liquid in e-cigarettes does contain nicotine, which is the same addictive drug in regular cigarettes. 

The nicotine levels are not the same throughout all e-cig products, as JUULS have higher nicotine levels than other types. The vapour that is emitted from e-cigarettes is harmful, however, as the aerosol contains elements that can still lead to heart disease and lung disease. 

What is vaping?

Similar to an electronic cigarette, a vape is another popular way to consume tobacco. They are hand-held devices that heat a liquid to create vapour to be inhaled. 

You can buy vape pens, mods, pod mods, and similar products. Vaping is generally regarded as healthier than smoking, with the addictive chemical of nicotine not being as present. 

The liquid consists of e-juice flavours, which can be purchased in many different types, adjusting to the user's requirements.


What is the difference between vapes and e-cigarettes?

You may be thinking that vapes and e-cigarettes work in similar ways, and they do. They are both used in smoking prevention and helping people with quitting. 

There are some signature differences between them, however.

Battery Life

While both are nicotine-containing products that release a vapour for the user to inhale, the battery life of vapes is considered much better among the smoking community. 

Vape batteries are typically larger and can last longer on a single charge. This, combined with their refillable tank and more customisation, makes them a more popular choice among smokers and those wanting to cut back on smoking. 


Another difference between e-cigarettes and vapes is their appearance, with e-cigs mimicking cigarettes and vapes looking like fountain pens. 

Both devices are popular among smokers, with the individual mouthpieces working for some and not for others. 

Vapes are typically larger and more robust vapour products, but the aesthetic doesn't generally affect the smoking experience. Smokers will choose e-cigarettes if they want to replicate the feeling of holding a cigarette in their hands.   

Nicotine Delivery

Both products deliver nicotine, but vapes, unlike e-cigs, provide more customisation with nicotine levels. 

Cutting down on smoking is challenging without the nicotine, so that the nicotine delivery can be gradually reduced over time with vapes and e-cigarettes, but moreso vapes. 

Users will have different experiences depending on the type of device they use, with pods and mods providing a different nicotine delivery to e-cigarettes. 

vaping flavours


Vapes generally offer more flavoured juices and variety, meaning the user can customise their smoking experience for themselves. 

E-cigarettes are more limited, replicating traditional cigarettes more than vapes. The flavourings are popular, with many combinations available. 

Vapes vs. E-cigarettes

Now you know some more differences between the two variations, let's evaluate which device type is best for you. 

While both vapes and e-cigs work for smokers, it's best to understand the inner workings before making a commitment. 

E-cigarettes are a lower-cost alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, prioritising the user's health by removing as many harmful chemicals. 

Smokers will find e-cigs easier to replace and restock as many models come with pre-filled cartridges, unlike vapes with their refillable tanks. Vapes are stocked with e-liquids in the vaporisers that can be refilled when empty. 

E-cigarettes heat the liquid within but are typically limited to menthol and tobacco, while other forms are limited to vaping only. Most e-cigarettes are automatic with no push buttons, while vapes require the push of a button to activate. 

While the two devices are generally used interchangeably within popular media, you can hopefully realise they provide unique smoking experiences. 

E-cigs may be used until they run out and are thrown away, while vapes can be recharged and refilled. Vapes can be used again and again, mixing and matching different parts and changing the e-liquid and e-juice as you see fit. 

The minimum age of both devices is 18 in the UK, with no smokers younger being legally allowed to purchase any vaping products or liquids. 

Are e-cigarettes healthier than smoking?

Unlike traditional cigarettes, e-cigs do not burn tobacco and therefore don't produce harmful tar or carbon monoxide. These are the most harmful elements in traditional cigarette smoke. 

Due to this, many smokers choose to switch to e-cigarettes instead of smoking tobacco cigarettes. You can manage your nicotine cravings by controlling the strength of nicotine delivery. 

UK clinical trials have been conducted into the health benefits of vaping and e-cigarettes compared to traditional cigarettes. It was found that people were more likely to stop smoking when using them than patches and gum. 

However, there is still speculation about the benefits of e-cigs in the long term, as any tobacco and nicotine-containing products still pose health risks to the user. The following chemicals could be contained in the e-cig vapour:

Are e-cigarettes healthier than smoking?

-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

The organic compounds in the vapour can cause nose and throat irritation, headaches and nausea and cause severe liver and kidney damage. Toluene, Benzene and Styrene are all common examples of harmful compounds. 


The e-liquids in e-cigarettes can overheat, or sometimes the liquid will not reach the heating element, creating this cancer-causing substance. This strong substance can cause smokers to smoke in higher quantities and frequencies, leading to more health problems. 

 - Flavouring Chemicals

When you change flavours in a vape, you can experience more toxic ones occasionally. Diacetyl is present in most e-liquids and can cause bronchiolitis obliterans, a severe lung disease. 

The FDA is performing regular testing on e-cigarettes, but not all substances are measured and evaluated for sale. Most products don't list all the harmful substances inside, so you should always conduct your research before buying a device.

Vaping is popular among the youth and teens, becoming a concern to parents. There is evidence that has linked vaping in children and teens to an increase in cancer and lung diseases. They are exposed to these elements at a younger point, with many physicians advising against it unless smokers are trying to reduce their smoking quantities. 

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