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E Liquid Suppliers Near Me

Are you looking for E liquid suppliers near me? Our shop in Stalybridge offers the best e juice brands and flavours.


As CE Approved suppliers of electronic cigarettes and liquid vapours, please read our advice below. This is for your safety and the others around you. Please read very carefully and follow all necessary precautions.

What is E Liquid?

E-liquid is a carefully formulated liquid which is heated up in an electronic cigarette to produce the sensation, taste and feel of smoking. E-liquid contains nicotine which is highly toxic and addictive. Keep all e-liquids well away from children and pets.

Battery Safety

E-cigarettes are powered by battery units. If you drop your battery onto a hard surface, you may damage the circuit. If your battery gets hot while charging, remove from charge immediately to a safe place outdoors. Never charge your battery near any combustible items, such as carpets or curtains.Before charging and using a lithium battery, you should take care to observe the following safety precautions. Batteries can be highly dangerous if handled incorrectly and cause danger to you and others.

General Safety Instructions

  • Only use a USB charger for charging an ego type battery. The requirement for more advanced models of e-cigarettes vary and may need a mains charger. If you are unsure what charger is compatible with your device, always contact an expert such as Vapours E-Cigs Ltd Stalybridge.
  • Never leave charging batteries unattended. Always observe the charging process so you can react to any potential issues that may arise during the charging process. If your battery starts to get warm or hot, remove from charge and locate to a safe place outside.
  • On occasions, lithium battery chargers have technical defects which may cause the battery to be charged at an improper rate. Always purchase your charger from reputable suppliers and ensure the charger is PAT tested.
  • If at any time you notice a battery starting to swell, immediately remove from charging. Disconnect the battery and move to a safe place, such as outdoors. Observe for approximately 15 minutes. If the swelling causes the battery to leak, the chemicals may react with the air and ignite, resulting in a fire.
  • Only observe the battery from a safe distance and in an open outdoor area. Ensure that there no combustible items nearby.
  • The same procedure should be observed if you accidentally short the wires in your electronic cigarette. Additionally, if the short occurs and contact is made of metal, there could be a chance of serious injury due to the electric current. In this instance, ensure the battery is safe, then dispose of it in a responsible recycling location.

  • If you are looking for e liquid suppliers in Cheshire or Greater Manchester, call into our vape shop in Stalybridge. Call 0161 303 2520 for more information.

    Buy E Cigarettes Online

    Vapours E-Cigs Ltd Stalybridge are proud stockists of many leading brands in the industry. We make sure all of our products are only the best quality and we offer them at competitive prices. Our range of e cigarettes, accessories and q-liquids are available to buy in store or online. 

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    Often when you search for "buy e cigarettes online", the results can be overwhelming. Especially when you are new to vapour smoking, it might be tempting to go with the lowest price. This can be dangerous as some "homemade" vape juice could contain more toxins to the industry standard. As of May 2017, the Tobacco Products Directive 2014/14/EU (TPD) dictates that there are limitations on the volume, and nicotine content of e liquids which can be sold for consumer consumption. It's always worth checking that you are purchasing from a reputable supplier such as ourselves rather than opting for a small amount of saving from an unknown supplier.

    Local E Cigarette Shops in Stalybridge

    If possible, we would always recommend a customer to physically test a new product in person before buying it from the internet. We are your local e cigarette shop in the Manchester area, with a large range of products in stock and our friendly team is always on hand to help with any questions you may have. 

     We believe in offering an honest and reliable service to our customers, in store or online, and have established excellent relations with our clients. You can count on our expertise to offer guidance and advice whenever required. We welcome all of our customers to try out a new flavour before making a commitment to purchase. Even if you didn't buy your existing liquid vapour cigarettes from us, we would be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have.

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    What Is The Best E Cigarette To Buy?

    With so many different brands and varieties on the market, it can be confusing at first. Atomisers; cartomisers; clearomisers, what's the difference? Are e liquid cartridges the same as an ecigarette refill? Well at Vapours E-Cigs Ltd Stalybridge our experts are readily available to answer any questions you may have. 

    Whether you're completely new to vapour-smoking, commonly referred to as "vaping", or a seasoned veteran looking for an upgrade to your existing kit, you can count on us. You can speak to one of our friendly experts on 0161 303 2520 or use the contact form to forward your enquiry. Alternatively, you can visit our store in Manchester and personally see our top quality products for yourself.

    E Cigarette Starter Kits

    If you are new to smoking e cigarettes, we are more than happy to offer any advice on any questions you may have. We have a large range of products available from reputable brands in the industry. For those unfamiliar with the anatomy and parts of electronic cigarettes, such as the atomiser, or any box mods, we stock a helpful range of e cigarette starter kits.

    We have starter kits from a variety of manufacturers. The content of the kit varies depending on the price and company, but definitely includes all the components you need to start vaping. If you are buying in the store then we will be able to show you the steps, such as how and when to charge your e cigarette, replacing e liquids etc. We would also recommend that you buy extra e liquids at the same time to ensure you have enough supplies as you gauge your usage.

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    Vape Juice Suppliers

    Vape juice or E liquids are of the main components to an electronic cigarette. They are a nicotine based liquid which is heated by the atomiser in order to deliver the sensation and taste of smoking. One of the main attractions of an e cigarette is that e liquids are available in a variety of flavours, such as mint, fruit and even confectionery. 

    Because of the principle with which an e cigarette operates, it eliminates the undesired "smoker's breath" which is a put-off for many.  Unlike a tobacco cigarette, second-hand "smoke" from an electronic cigarette is largely harmless. However, we will always remind customers that although it's less harmful than smoking tobacco, it still contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Any e cigarette, e liquid and other components should be kept out of reach of children at all times.

    Vapours E-Cigs Ltd Stalybridge offer the best e juice brands for vapour cigarettes. Call today on 0161 303 2520 to order your vape juice in Manchester and Cheshire.

    Electronic Cigarette Prices 

    Are you looking for the best electronic cigarette prices? One of the main appeal of an electronic cigarette over smoking tobacco is how much the user can save. Electronic cigarettes are durable products if made by reputable suppliers and following all health and safety guidelines. The only cost is vape juice refills which can be purchased singularly or in bulk package deals. 

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    Vapours E-Cigs Ltd Stalybridge stock a large amount of vape juice in almost any flavour you can think of, from traditional menthol tobacco flavours to liquorice and lemonade. We welcome customers to personally try the flavours in store before committing to a purchase.

    We stock only CE approved products for maximum peace of mind. Over 90% of e cigarette users never go back to craving an actual cigarette, not only saving their wallets but also their health and those around them. We make sure our prices are competitive and reasonable. We offer UK wide delivery on our online purchases and guaranteed same day dispatch if ordered before 2:30pm!