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Vapour Cigarettes Accessories

We offer the best E juice brands and E cigs in the UK. Call into our shop in Stalybridge for vapour cigarettes in Greater Manchester.

E cig parts and accessories for vapour cigarettes aren't just about adding style and looks. They can also aid in the safety, accessibility and add enjoyment to the vaping process. Contact Vapours E-Cigs Ltd to get an updated list of our full range of accessories.

Battery safety is hugely important for us here at Vapours E-Cigs Ltd. With this in mind, we have carefully selected electronic cigarette models and chargers which are compatible with our range of replacement batteries. Furthermore, we stock a range of stylish and practical battery covers to ensure the safety of your spare batteries.

Remember, removable batteries should never be stored loose. Leaving them unprotected in pockets and bags can lead to serious safety concerns or premature wearing of the contact plates. We understand the inconvenience of being caught short when you're in need of a fix. So you can count on us to provide you with the best solutions to store and transport your batteries safely.

If you want to ensure that your e cigarette never takes a wild trip down the side of the sofa again, you can consider fitting one of our lanyards. They are universally compatible with most electronic cigarette models. To protect your e-cigarette from external scratches and drops, we stock a practical range of sturdy cases. If there are any accessories you particularly have in mind, please let us know and we will try our best to source it for you.

What is an E-Cig?

Every day, more and more people in the UK are switching to liquid vapour cigarettes after realising the health benefits. It's a great way to cut normal cigarette out of their lives and at Vapours E-Cigs Ltd, we couldn't agree more.

An e-cigarette, often known as liquid vapour cigarette, is a battery-powered device which replicates a realistic smoking experience. It's formulated without the toxic chemical found in tobacco cigarettes. Our range of starter e-cigarette kits has basic models which use a heating element (atomiser) to vapourise the liquid solution. 

Some e liquid solutions contain a mixture of nicotine and flavourings. These are often used as aids to quit smoking as they still deliver the fix of nicotine. Others can release a flavoured vapour with no nicotine at all.

anatomy of an e-cig

If you are looking for e juice brands in Cheshire or Greater Manchester, call into our vape shop in Stalybridge. Call 0161 303 2520 for more information.